Donkey Kong Wall, The Classic Arcade Game as Functioning Shelves Los Angeles-based designer Igor Chak used his early childhood memory of colorful steel beams and ladders found in the classic arcade game Donkey Kong to create his functioning and brilliant Donkey Kong Wall shelf design. Donkey Kong Wall by Igor Chak (Twitter) Via: mahlibombing |Continue reading

Amazing! Theo Stylianides´╗┐’ “Winchester” character concept for his Helldiver series contains the sleek stylized armor of Halo: Reach mixed with the grittiness of Warhammer 40k. The attention to detail within the armor and weaponry is ridiculously cool. Meet Emile-A239 on steroids. Click image for High-Res. Helldiver Winchester by Theo Stylianides / StTheo (CGHUB) Via: daftbotContinue reading