The Goddamn Batman is back and ready to cause some trouble! Sam Spratt’s awesome new illustration can also be given a meme spin at Meme Generator with the base-image. Tag all of your creations with #batmanisadick! “Who has two thumbs, a bajillion dollars, and is the world’s greatest detective? The Goddamn Batman, that’s who.” – Sam Related Rampages: RonContinue reading

Artist Lisa Alvarez aka Batprisss, with help from her newly formed X WORKZ team, took the Batman: Arkham City style batsuit and made it a killer reality. See more photos of the amazing costume at The Effects Lab forum. Batman: Arkham City Costume by Lisa Alvarez / Batpirisss Via: TDW Geeks | Geeks Are Sexy

Adam Fisher took the Dark Knight and built him up, in his mind, how he would look within the Mass Effect Universe. This is Adam’s entry into the Comicon Challenge 2011: Alternate Universe. See a 3D turnaround video here. Mass Effect Batman by Adam Fisher (Vimeo) (CGHUB) (deviantART) Via: gamefreaksnz | Kotaku Source: