If you are an old school control freak, and I mean old school video game control freak, ThinkGeek has you covered! Their new Nintendo themed controller track jacket is now on sale at their online store for $40 – $44. Related Rampages: Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek (More) Nintendo Controller Track Jacket at ThinkGeek (Facebook) (Twitter)

Choose your path. These officially licensed Assassin’s Creed hoodies allow you to either blend into your surroundings or flip out the trademark hood flap and scare every individual who passes you by. If you are in the UK or Eire, you can now grab up a pre-order at Insert Coin Clothing. Monteriggioni Hoodies by Insert Coin Clothing (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: pwnlove | FashionablyContinue reading

The Doctor Who is in the house! You can now be the 11th Doctor each and every day (or just for Halloween). Both the jacket ($330) and bow tie ($30) are available to purchase over at ThinkGeek. Related Rampages: Batman Ice Cube Tray | Boba Fett Hoodie (More) Doctor Who 11th Doctor’s Bow Tie / Jacket at ThinkGeek (Twitter)

Wow! Mushroom Kingdom has been hit HARD with a zombie infection! Yoshi didn’t stand a chance… Show some love for this shirt at Emptees and pre-order it HERE! “Only 25 being offered on pre-order, the rest will be sold at the Edmonton Warped Tour date. Remainder will be sold online starting August 6th.” Zombie KingdomContinue reading

<param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZooYDKIDOaQ Prepare for glory! Adidas and Star Wars are dropping some tasty grooves, sneakers and apparel in town. Get ready for the Imperial March remix with some Vader action in this rockin video. This is a great end to the evening! The adidas Originals Star Wars Collection for 2010 via StarWars.com Also checkContinue reading