The Cakery, a Dayton, Ohio-based bakery, created this awesome video game themed wedding cake for my friend’s fun-filled wedding that went down yesterday (10/13/2012). I must say, it tasted just as amazing as it looks. 3UP Video Game Wedding Cake by The Cakery (Facebook) photos by Justin Page

Off Base Productions’ President Greg Off got a sweet surprise for his 43rd birthday when the Chief Operating Officer’s wife Imelda Wikamulia brought in a custom made Plants vs Zombie cake filled with awesomeness. To put some icing on top of that cake, she also constructed an impressive display of Mario Brothers themed Christmas treatsContinue reading

Jamie Masterson and her husband created a rad Angry Birds cake based off of the “Furious Fowl” shirt design by Brian Cook. Threadless has people baking cakes that represent various designs from their collection. Check out more delicious cakes over at Furious Fowl Realistic Cake by Jamie Masterson Via: Neatorama