Star Wars Cereal TIE Fighter Made Using 2 Crispix, 2 Cheerios & Frosting Artist Brock Davis has created a Star Wars "Cereal TIE Fighter“ using 2 Crispix for the hexagonal wings, 2 Cheerios for the hull, and then "a tiny bit of frosting to hold it together.” I’m very impressed and hungry for some breakfast. Follow the artist:Continue reading

thedrunkenmoogle: The Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver(Doctor Who: The Adventure Games cocktail) Ingredients:1 shot vodka1 shot blue curacao1 splash Rose Blue Raspberry MixFill glass with orange juice (to color) Directions: Add first three ingredients into a highball glass with ice.  Fill the rest of the glass with orange juice.  Say “Geronimo” and drink up! “Ah! Big,Continue reading

After a long drawn out fight with a formidable Big daddy, you are entitled to a tasty beverage of choice. Why not try the Rapture’s Delight? Prepare to get drilled! thedrunkenmoogle: Rapture’s Delight (Bioshock 2 Cocktail) Ingredients:1 oz lemon juice1 tsp sugar1 egg white1 oz absinthe1 1/2 oz bourbon whiskey 1 dash Peychaud’s bitters Directions: ShakeContinue reading