Mike Mitchell solved the mathematical equation of eternal awesomesauce! topherchris, “Holy freaking baby Jesus monkey crap” is right! Get over to Mike’s new Online Store and check this brand new Awesome 5000 design out, along with other t-shirts and prints to have all to yourself. Awesome 5000 Print | Shirt by Mike Mitchell (deviantART) (Store)Continue reading

52 BAD DUDES: New Shop Is Open!

52baddudes: “Hey Dudes/Dudettes, Just wanted to let you guys know that I put up my new poster shop on the interwebs tonight @ theSKIDshop.bigcartel.com, I was getting smacked in the face with way too many fees over at Etsy. For my tumblr homies, use discount code “TUMBLR” at the checkout to get 25% off… (discountContinue reading “52 BAD DUDES: New Shop Is Open!”