The amazingly talented Dan LuVisi is back once again with an incredible series of new and old POPPED CULTURE illustrations that he is slamming into book form for our viewing pleasure. Dan’s sexy book of disturbing eye candy is said to take its owners on a “twisted and satirical journey through pop culture history and itsContinue reading

Star Wars Cereal TIE Fighter Made Using 2 Crispix, 2 Cheerios & Frosting Artist Brock Davis has created a Star Wars "Cereal TIE Fighter“ using 2 Crispix for the hexagonal wings, 2 Cheerios for the hull, and then "a tiny bit of frosting to hold it together.” I’m very impressed and hungry for some breakfast. Follow the artist:Continue reading

Drew Wise and his new political Pizza Party shirt design is tasty and has a crust filled with win! On sale ($11) for 48 hours on 8/17 and 8/18 at The Yetee.  Update!: The shirt is now available to purchase from RedBubble. Pizza Party by Drew Wise (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: theyetee | drewpixel | pacalin Source: