The weight of the entire Empire lies on the shoulders of the feared / awesome Darth Vader. Chris Kawagiwa’s killer Atlas / Star Wars shirt design is now on sale now at WeLoveFine for $25. Related Rampages: Steam Punk (More) Darth Atlas by Chris Kawagiwa (deviantART) (Facebook) (Twitter)

WeLoveFineShirts: ATTENTION – YOU MAY LEVEL UP NOW!  Our SCOTT PILGRIM design contest is here! “We are calling on all artists and designers who love the world of Scott Pilgrim to throw their hats in the ring on this latest design contests, not only because the prizes are awesome (Grand Prize up to $2,500, plusContinue reading

Artoo takes on the taggers in this new Star Wars Street Art design by Reece Ward. Male / Female shirts and hoodies are now on sale at WeLoveFine. This design is the third of a 5-tee series presented by Star Wars and Two more designs will be released through February 10th; this one isContinue reading’s true… along with our friends at Marvel, we’ve just launched an AVENGERS TEE DESIGN CONTEST! (Get on it designers!) Submissions are now open from today through February 12! We want to see all the best and brightest artists and graphic designers out there show us the coolest Avengers art out there and if youContinue reading

Tumblr artist Hezaa created an excellent set of Minimalist Marvel Comics shirt designs and each is on sale at the WeLoveFine Shop for $25 each. Designs: Deadpool | Nightcrawler | Venom | Cyclops | Spider-Man | Rogue Minimal Comics at WeLoveFine (Tumblr) (Facebook) (Twitter) Submitted by: welovefineshirts

This Wampa got a Jedi beat down and is in need of a little first aid. Artist Chris Kawagiwa’s new shirt is now on sale at the WeLoveFine Shop for $25. Related Rampages: Jango Fett & Son (More) Wampa Kit by Chris Kawagiwa (Tumblr) (Flickr) (Twitter) Submitted by: welovefineshirts

Ramona Flowers is one bad ass chick and talented artist Megan Lara shows off that fact with her new Scott Pilgrim Nouveau shirt design. On sale in men and women styles over at the WeLoveFine shop! Scott Pilgrim Nouveau by Megan Lara (Tumblr) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: meganlara | welovefineshirts