sirmitchell: “This is a commission from the wonderfully delightful Rainn Wilson for “Rainn Wilson & Friends” a charity show he is doing on the 23rd of this month in Seattle. If you are there, check it out, and help support the Mona Foundation. There will be a limited amount of shirts available for purchase (with profitsContinue reading

Mickey has his mind on his money and his money on his mind in this rad illustration by Mike Mitchell. I had the privilege of watching Mike put together this artwork during his Live Stream lastnight. Great music and great art! “What can I say? I love painting Mickey Mouse. This is from a doodleContinue reading

Hilarious Captain Planet illustration by Mike Mitchell! Those Crocs are stylin’! sirmitchell: What ever happened to Captain Planet? That was the subject of last nights Livestream session.  I asked what I should draw, and someone said “Captain Planet” and I immediately imagined a fat, disgusting, pathetic, out of work Captain Planet. Someone later suggested aContinue reading

Octopus + Shaun of the Dead + Zombie = Killamari by Mike Mitchell! “So tonight after finishing my painted Skully & Crossbones on Livestream, I still felt like creating something. I invited the people watching to come up with something cool and I would paint it. They asked for a zombie octopus wearing a ShaunContinue reading

This is 100% pure bad ass Star Wars fan art! Nixon and Vader as one. Wow! “Something that has been sitting on the backburner for over a year. Thought I would give it a bit of love and post it on the internets.” – sirmitchell Nixkshhhhhhhhhhhon by Mike Mitchell (deviantART) (Facebook) (Tumblr) Via: sirmitchell

Captain America got a pop culture remix by Mike Mitchell. This rad illustration was created for the 2009 “Crusaders & Haters” event in Culver City, CA. Related Rampages: Reddit Alien | Blanka | BP Executive | BP Sponge Bob Centurio Americanus by Mike Mitchell (deviantART) (Etsy) (Tumblr) Via: herochan