Amazing poster by Mike Mitchell (@sirmitchell) for the Crazy 4 Cult: 4 show at Gallery 1988 (July 9-30, 2010). Check out some of the great past Crazy 4 Cult artwork HERE. Crazy 4 Cult: 4 Poster by Mike Mitchell (deviantART) (Facebook) (Twitter) (Tumblr) Via: sirmitchell: I did the poster for this years Crazy 4 Cult.Continue reading

What a shocking image of the Street Fighting electrician, Blanka. I love the Ryu skull placed in the background, along with Blanka’s collection of “Holy Crap” books. Amazing piece by Mike Mitchelll. sirmitchell: This is a piece I did for a Street Fighter gallery show but never ended up using. It’s a look at Blanka’sContinue reading