“I would have made the Empire unstoppable. Starting with an AT-AT redesign. What person would want to take this adorable vehicle of mass death down?” Get the shirt at Mike’s Shop (Will not ship for at least a week). CAT-CAT by Mike Mitchell (deviantART) (Store) (Tumblr) (Twitter) Via: sirmitchell Source: sirmitchell.myshopify.com

It’s the truth! Mike Mitchell’s I Am Not a Sith design is now available as a 12" x 12" print ($50) at his new online store. “The Rebel Alliance is the enemy.” Related Rampages: Sasquatch | Real Skully | NOFATCHX | Mouse I Am Not a Sith by Mike Mitchell (deviantART) (Store) (Tumblr) (Twitter) Via:Continue reading