A few of the great pieces of artwork from Comic Book Resources’ “The Line It Is Drawn #83 – Comic Book What if…?” theme this week. What If…– Superman & Batman Aged Accordingly? by Marco D’Alfonso– He-Man met Conan the Barbarian? by Axel Medellin– Batmobile & Spider-Mobile Had A Race? by Daniel Cox– Superman WasContinue reading

Hillary White is a whiz when it comes to taking classic paintings and giving them a much needed / hilarious geek reinterpretation. Each of her paintings above (plus more) are now on sale as prints over at Society6! Geek Pop Reinterpretation by Hillary White (Flickr) (deviantART) Via: Geeks Are Sexy

Barry Wazzy is back with another collection of real life Pokeballs derived from his Photoshop skills. The Legend of Zelda, Marvel / DC Comics, Harry Potter and Final Fantasy get called upon in this new rockin’ set! Related Rampages: Real Pokeball Types (More) Real Pokeball Types 3 by Barry Wazzy

Bizarro and Wario both know that feel, when it comes to being an Exaggerated Anti-hero. Check out more of Tumblr artist Chris Gerringer’s series here. Exaggerated Antiheroes by Chris Gerringer (deviantART) (Facebook) Via: paperbeatsscissors

A quick preview of some of the geeky work that artist Alex Gross will be displaying at his “Product Placemant” show Feb 25th – March 24th at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. More information can be found here. Modified Cabinet Cards 2 by Alex Gross (Flickr) (Facebook) Via: Super Punch | Designboom