Game Informer January 2013 Cover Art by Sam Spratt New York artist Sam Spratt created a badass illustrated cover for the January 2013 Game Informer issue featuring some huge 2012 video game releases. Getting to play the top games of the year as research and reference for a job is always nice. There are dozens of tiny easter eggs and symbolsContinue reading

Assassin’s Creed III Poster Design by Russ Mills UK artist / illustrator Russ Mills (aka “byroglyphics”) was commissioned by Ubisoft to create this awesome Assassin’s Creed III poster design to go along with their prerelease special edition of the game. You can check out his entire series of design process images on Behance. Assassin’s Creed III Poster by Russ Mills (Facebook) (Twitter) Source:Continue reading

Barry Wazzy is back with another collection of real life Pokeballs derived from his Photoshop skills. Portal, Wii, PS3, Hunger Games, Marvel and Assassin’s Creed get called upon in this new killer set! Related Rampages: Real Pokeball Types 3 (More) Real Pokeball Types 4 by Barry Wazzy

Shirley Templar (Assassin’s Creed cocktail) Ingredients:Ginger AleSprite1.5 oz. gin1.5 oz. grenadine1 maraschino cherry Directions:In a highball glass with ice, fill most of the glass half with Sprite, half with ginger ale, leaving a bit of room at the top.  Mix in a shot of grenadine and a shot of gin.  Place a maraschino cherry onContinue reading

Artist John Aslarona takes his illustration skills to heights in this killer Assassin’s Creed themed piece. You can follow his work here. Ezio Auditore da Firenze (1459–1524) From Eagle Vision to Eagle Sense. Awakening of the Sixth by John Aslarona (Society6) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: johnaslarona

Choose your path. These officially licensed Assassin’s Creed hoodies allow you to either blend into your surroundings or flip out the trademark hood flap and scare every individual who passes you by. If you are in the UK or Eire, you can now grab up a pre-order at Insert Coin Clothing. Monteriggioni Hoodies by Insert Coin Clothing (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: pwnlove | FashionablyContinue reading