Artist Mateusz Sypien created three death dealing animated art pieces for the updated Goverdose 2.0 artist collaboration site. The killer Predator / Darth Vader “Hunters” creation won me over for sure. Click on the images above to see them all in animated form. Death In Motion by Mateusz Sypien (Behance) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Princess Peach comes to life in Tumblr artist / photographer Chanh Tang’s first attempt at creating an animation. “First attempt at creating an animated gif – needless to say, it was quite the learning experience.” Wasting Time In Another Castle by Chanh Tang (Twitter) Via: chanh

John McGregor took the overweight Mega Man from the upcoming PS3 Street Fighter X Tekken game coming out March 6th and gave him a much needed 8-bit “Haters Gonna Hate” spin. Related Rampages: Work That Flagpole! (More) Haters Gonna Hate by John McGregor / Brother Brain (Twitter) Via: brotherbrain

Artist Jason Chalker’s custom C-3PO Munny, with battery operated eyes, is ready to question your every decision. You can check out more of Jason’s custom vinyl builds within the depths of his Flickr gallery.   You can now grab up this custom C-3PO at Tenacious Toys for $375! C-3PO Custom Munny by Jason Chalker/ ManlyContinue reading