Real Art, the creative design team who built an official “World’s Largest Claw Game” (2012 Guinness World Records) and turned it into the interactive online game The Santa Claw, are coming back with another metal marvel. Until February 22nd (10am to 10pm everyday) you will be able to battle test a B.A. steel crushing robotContinue reading Wars: Because Adding Jedis Can Fix Anything — powered by Watch as Jack and John from Lost duke it out… with lightsabers! If the Lost television show had been mashed up with some Star Wars, I would have watched it religiously. This is pretty funny. Lost Wars: Because Adding Jedis Can Fix AnythingContinue reading

Man, I love this Ass Kicking Arnold piece by Tom Whalen! It’s too bad that Rambo wasn’t very head strong during the fight… *cricket*… *cricket*… Seriously though, Arnold deserves the win here. I mean, he whooped up on the Predator. Ultimate Human Ass Kicker by Tom Whalen / strongstuff (Tumblr) (deviantART) Via: strongstuff |gamefreaksnz |Continue reading