Doodle or Die, An Online Multiplayer Game of Telephone With Drawings Doodle or Die is a multiplayer game that allows you to interact with others online through creating chains of drawings (doodles) that match other player’s made up phrases. The team responsible for building this great JavaScript browser game is Aaron Silverman, Dylan Greene, GarrettContinue reading

Travel past zombie hordes in this old school Oregon Trail remake Organ Trail! “Organ Trail was an edutainment game developed in 1971. Schools across America used this game as a teaching tool to prepare children for the impending zombie apocalypse and dysentery.” Organ Trail by The Men Who Wear Many Hats (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: thedailywhatContinue reading

Halo Reach out and grab a beer edition! Bottoms up on September 14! thedrunkenmoogle: Halo Drinking Game With Halo Reach right around the corner, excitement is starting to build. Multiple ways to play, thanks to the new class system, mean multiplayer should be a blast. Until then, get yourself hyped with this Halo drinking gameContinue reading