With over a months work into this build, Etsy member Barry Shields blasted out an amazing Star Trek / Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) coffee table! He has this beautiful trekkie beast up for sale on Etsy now for $3,100. “This Star Trek table is made from ash, poplar and cherry wood. It took me a monthContinue reading

David Carpenter (Evil FX) of BioWeapons.com is on a mission to create a full set of Skyrim Daedric armor! The first step of his journey was to knock out a killer set of swords. You can compare his with the in-game version here. The video below gives an insight on how he constructed these twoContinue reading

Artist Jason Chalker’s custom C-3PO Munny, with battery operated eyes, is ready to question your every decision. You can check out more of Jason’s custom vinyl builds within the depths of his Flickr gallery.   You can now grab up this custom C-3PO at Tenacious Toys for $375! C-3PO Custom Munny by Jason Chalker/ ManlyContinue reading

Craftsman / artist Shawn Thorsson took the classic first aid kit from HALO and made it a functioning reality. Make your own by follow his step-by-step process available at his blog or MAKE. Since I have a couple young ones on the way, this might come in handy! Replica HALO First Aid Kit by ShawnContinue reading

Off Base Productions’ President Greg Off got a sweet surprise for his 43rd birthday when the Chief Operating Officer’s wife Imelda Wikamulia brought in a custom made Plants vs Zombie cake filled with awesomeness. To put some icing on top of that cake, she also constructed an impressive display of Mario Brothers themed Christmas treatsContinue reading

Real Art, the creative design team who built an official “World’s Largest Claw Game” (2012 Guinness World Records) and turned it into the interactive online game The Santa Claw, are coming back with another metal marvel. For three weeks only, starting 2.1.12 (10am to 10pm everyday), you will be able to battle test a B.A.Continue reading

Woodworker extraordinaire Jason Gardner (EpicWood) constructed this Portal Companion Cube Storage Box and is on sale for $500 on Etsy. “One of the center circles comes off, allowing you to put things inside. This is furniture grade and very strong. You can sit on it, if you wish. It is also pretty heavy (about 20Continue reading