Tumblr artist Chelsea Bloxsom created an awesome set of custom Star Wars themed hoops with her hand craft work. Check out Chelsea’s Etsy page to see more of her creations or request a custom made piece just for you! Star Wars Hoops by Chelsea Bloxsom (Etsy) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: loveandasandwich

This Wampa got a Jedi beat down and is in need of a little first aid. Artist Chris Kawagiwa’s new shirt is now on sale at the WeLoveFine Shop for $25. Related Rampages: Jango Fett & Son (More) Wampa Kit by Chris Kawagiwa (Tumblr) (Flickr) (Twitter) Submitted by: welovefineshirts

Vincent Bocognani’s hilarious one armed Wampa shirt design “Somewhere On the Ice Planet” is now up for sale at Threadless! Give him a hand and grab this rad Star Wars shirt up before it is all gone. Blackhole Friday Sale until Tues (11/30)! $10 Shirts | $30 Hoodies Somewhere On the Ice Planet by VincentContinue reading

If I’m not mistaking, this Tauntaun is about to get a sever beat down. Mom jokes never get you very far… Especially around a Wampa with childhood issues! lowres: FACT: The reptomammal known as the “tauntaun” is so named because of its proclivity for mocking and teasing the other native species of the planet Hoth.Continue reading