Picasso Strikes Back in the mash up of Art History and Star Wars by Naheed Snyder. On sale at The Yetee for $11 until Nov 10th. Contest Time: Get a chance at winning the shirt for free by reblogging this post and commenting at The Yetee’s Facebook page! Han Quixote by Naheed Snyder (Tumblr) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: theyetee Source: theyetee.bigcartel.com

If I’m not mistaking, this Tauntaun is about to get a sever beat down. Mom jokes never get you very far… Especially around a Wampa with childhood issues! lowres: FACT: The reptomammal known as the “tauntaun” is so named because of its proclivity for mocking and teasing the other native species of the planet Hoth.Continue reading