This Wampa got a Jedi beat down and is in need of a little first aid. Artist Chris Kawagiwa’s new shirt is now on sale at the WeLoveFine Shop for $25. Related Rampages: Jango Fett & Son (More) Wampa Kit by Chris Kawagiwa (Tumblr) (Flickr) (Twitter) Submitted by: welovefineshirts

Talented artist Chris Kawagiwa created a great Victorian / Steampunk style ad for the Star Wars dynamic duo Han & Chewie. This design is now available in shirt form over at Mighty Fine. Check out the design process video here. Related Rampages: Jango Fett & Son (More) Millenium Zeppelin by Chris Kawagiwa (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter) Submitted by: sketchboy01