The Drunken Moogle: Nukem (Duke Nukem Forever Cocktail) Ingredients:1 glass Mello Yellow1 shot vodka1 splash spiced rum1 splash moonshine (or any other high proof liquor)  Directions: Mix the first three ingredients and pour into a glass.  Float your moonshine on top (we used moonshine because it’s the closest thing to, you know, nuclear waste orContinue reading

The Drunken Moogle: Kiss/Tears of the HelGhast (Killzone 2 Cocktail) “Ingredients:½ glass coffee liqueur (Kahlua)1 dash Creme de Noyaux1 spoonful of creme2 cherries Directions: Pour the Kahlua and Creme de Noyaux in a flute glass.  Then, pour in the spoonful of creme, but do not mix.  Garnish the top with two cherries for eyes. (DrinkContinue reading

thedrunkenmoogle: Boo Shot (Super Mario Shot) Ingredients:2/3 oz of Malibu2/3 oz of of Milk Directions:Shake ingredients. Pour into shot glass. Ghastly in appearance, delicious in taste!Hope everyone had a good Halloween. Drink created by the guys at Scrollbar. Related Rampages: Blankatini | Halo Drinking Game | Warp Pipe | T-Virus Via: thedrunkenmoogle | gamefreaksnz

Ryncol (Mass Effect 2 Cocktail) by The Drunken Moogle Ingredients:1 oz absinthe 1 oz grain alcohol1 dash blue curacao Directions: Shake all ingredients and pour into a small glass. Warning: not to be drank with other mysterious green liquids or batarian ale.  Otherwise you might end up like this Shepard. “This is krogan liquor –Continue reading

thedrunkenmoogle: Monster Cucumber (Touhou: Nitori from Mountain of Faith Cocktail) Ingredients:4 oz. cucumber soda1.5 oz. blue curacao Green Apple Squeeze Pop Candy (Hubba Bubba brand suggested by creator) Directions: Combine ingredients in a glass with ice and squeeze green gel candy onto the inside of the glass.  Garnish with a slice of cucumber and enjoy.  DrinkContinue reading

Have an electrified gulp of Street Fighter Cocktail with this excellent drink mix “Blankatini” by The Drunken Moogle! Blanka binge drinking anyone? Ingredients: 1.5 oz. green apple vodka 1 oz. melon liqueur Directions: Pour both ingredients into a cocktail glass and stir.  Line the rim of the glass with orange sugar or cotton candy andContinue reading

Halo Reach out and grab a beer edition! Bottoms up on September 14! thedrunkenmoogle: Halo Drinking Game With Halo Reach right around the corner, excitement is starting to build. Multiple ways to play, thanks to the new class system, mean multiplayer should be a blast. Until then, get yourself hyped with this Halo drinking gameContinue reading

thedrunkenmoogle: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Drinking Game One of the first thoughts that ran through my head when trying New Super Mario Bros. Wii was “this is Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.” No, I’m not saying that Nintendo ripped off Square Enix. I’m saying that this game has the potential to undo friendships. If IContinue reading

thedrunkenmoogle: Karma Moment (Infamous Cocktail) Ingredients:2 oz. Gin2 oz. Tonic Water1 dash of Blue Curacao OR Creme de Noyaux (depending of if you feel good or evil) Directions: For this deliciously good/evil gin and tonic modification, fill a glass with ice.  Pour the gin over the ice first, then the tonic water.  Add a dashContinue reading