The Drunken Moogle:

Nukem (Duke Nukem Forever Cocktail)

1 glass Mello Yellow
1 shot vodka
1 splash spiced rum
1 splash moonshine (or any other high proof liquor) 

Directions: Mix the first three ingredients and pour into a glass.  Float your moonshine on top (we used moonshine because it’s the closest thing to, you know, nuclear waste or gasoline.  You can buy “moonshine” from most liquor stores, but any high proof alcohol will do).  Nuke that ‘splody barrel and ignite the moonshine.  Enjoy the flames, then extinguish and serve. 

“Nuke ‘em ‘till they glow, then shoot ‘em in the dark!” -Duke Nukem

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Duke Nukem Forever Cocktail by The Drunken Moogle & friends

Photo by Nik Seely

Via: thedrunkenmoogle | gamefreaksnz

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