Dirt Block (Minecraft cocktail) Ingredients:1 1/2 oz french vanilla Kahlua1 1/2 oz amarettoAround 3 oz chocolate milk Oreo cookie crumbs Directions: Mix ingredients in a rocks glass over crushed ice.  Premade chocolate milk is fine, or you can be fancy and make your own with milk and chocolate syrup.  Sprinkle the top with Oreo or other chocolateContinue reading

Just in time for the weekend! Friends at The Drunken Moogle dug up another great alcoholic / video game custom creation to help us all kick back and relax. Portal Jello Shots Repulsion and Propulsion gels added a new level to Portal 2 and now they can add a new level to your drink night! Kristina AckermanContinue reading

thedrunkenmoogle: Karma Moment (Infamous Cocktail) Ingredients:2 oz. Gin2 oz. Tonic Water1 dash of Blue Curacao OR Creme de Noyaux (depending of if you feel good or evil) Directions: For this deliciously good/evil gin and tonic modification, fill a glass with ice.  Pour the gin over the ice first, then the tonic water.  Add a dashContinue reading

It’s tough crawling around in a box for long periods of time. After inhaling dirt and cardboard particles, a nice Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid Cocktail) by The Drunken Moogle will hit the spot. Don’t drink too much though… “Snake!? Snaaaaaaake!?!?” *Burp!* thedrunkenmoogle: Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid Cocktail) Ingedients:2 oz Whiskey½ oz Sweet Vermouth½Continue reading

Start the Memorial Day weekend off right with a relaxing alcoholic beverage from @DrunkenMoogle. I’m ready to warp my mind down the pipe! thedrunkenmoogle: Warp Pipe (Super Mario Bros. Cocktail) ½ shot Bols Melon½ Lime (cut into wedges) Directions: Cut your half a lime into four wedges. Squeeze the lime juice into a highball glassContinue reading