Halo Reach out and grab a beer edition! Bottoms up on September 14!


Halo Drinking Game

With Halo Reach right around the corner, excitement is starting to build. Multiple ways to play, thanks to the new class system, mean multiplayer should be a blast. Until then, get yourself hyped with this Halo drinking game created by Alex P. and his friends.

Play with beer.

1. Every time you die, you drink 1 sip. 
2. Any time anyone you are playing with scores a double kill or other multi kill you drink that amount. (So anywhere from 2-10 sips)
3. Any time someone you are drinking with gets a spree you drink the amount. (So 5-30 sips)
4. At the end of each game if you have a positive kill/death ratio you deal that number of sips out to all other players. If you have a negative, you drink them. 

Thanks again to Alex P. and his friends for sharing this game

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Via: gamefreaksnz

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