Super talented artist Chris Gerringer went out of his way to create this incredible Rampaged Reality themed wallpaper for all to use. He took my current logo and built a Mega Man style “sentient awesomeness-seeking” robot that is just way too damn cool looking. Thanks friend!

Chris Gerringer: “Justin Page is the curator of Rampaged Reality, where he essentially just promotes up and coming artists all day long. I don’t know how many careers he has helped jump-start, but I think if you stacked all of those careers on top of one another, they would reach to the moon… and I think we all know that careers are very thin.

He blogged a few of my Star Wars wallpapers a long time ago, and basically gave me a way to share my art with more people than just myself in the mirror and stray cats.

So, this is just my imagining of Justin’s Tumblr if it came to life as some sort of sentient awesomeness-seeking robot. Enjoy, and be sure to check out Justin’s blog.

You can download the killer wallpaper here!

Rampaged Reality Desktop by Chris Gerringer (deviantART) (Twitter)

Via: paperbeatsscissors

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