Luigi will do some evil things to prove himself worthy to Mario fans. This is a sneak peek at Mike Mitchell’s upcoming print set for the August 11th “SUPER IAM8BIT” show in Los Angelas, Ca. Check out more entries here. Related Rampages: New Shirts! | Harry Potter (More) Luigi by Mike Mitchell (Store) (Tumblr) (Twitter)Continue reading

Mike Mitchell released four new fun designs into his t-shirt arsenal! Each is printed on tri-blend American Apparel shirts with a worn / vintage look. Grab one up at his online store. Tell him Rampage sent you. Related Rampages: Cat-Cat & UniCorn | Brobocop (More) New Shirts! by Mike Mitchell (Store) (Tumblr) (Twitter) Via: sirmitchell

Robocop wanted to be hip so artist Mike Mitchell helped him out with a pink polo sporting a popped collar. “Come quietly bro or there will be… trouble.” Shirts are on sale now at Mike’s online store. Related Rampages: Fat Mario | Prince Of Darkness | Bizarro(More) Brobocop by Mike Mitchell (Store) (Tumblr) (Twitter) Via:Continue reading