Amazing! Theo Stylianides´╗┐’ “Winchester” character concept for his Helldiver series contains the sleek stylized armor of Halo: Reach mixed with the grittiness of Warhammer 40k. The attention to detail within the armor and weaponry is ridiculously cool. Meet Emile-A239 on steroids. Click image for High-Res. Helldiver Winchester by Theo Stylianides / StTheo (CGHUB) Via: daftbotContinue reading

“Following the Star Wars tradition of releasing a "Special” edition, with pointless CG effects.“ – Moonlight Motion Original Theatrical Version: Mint Royale Practice 1 by tokyostormtrooper Animation & Compositing – Tony LymbouraMini Trooper model – Olivier CoustonR2D2 model – Julian PeacockChoreography – Danny Choo Singin’ in the Rain – Special Edition by Moonlight Motion