Powerful ‘Iron Man 3’ Poster Design by Richard Davies UK artist Richard Davies (aka “turksworks”) created a badass poster design for the upcoming Marvel Studios film, Iron Man 3. You can check out some great detail shots on Behance. You may remember when I previously posted about Richard’s designs. Source: behance.net

Okemon, Comic Featuring a Wet & Dirty Pokémon Battle “Okemon” is a funny comic strip by Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman for Dorkly featuring a Pokémon battle that gets very “wet and dirty.” It looks like Ash needs to get Blastoise some proper toilet training! via Dorkly Source: dorkly.com

A Comic Showing the Difference Between FPS & RPG Video Games “FPSs vs. RPGs" is a funny comic by redditor MWozz that displays the difference between first-person shooter and role-playing video games. Dueling Analogs took the liberty of creating this updated version of the comic for your viewing pleasure. via Dueling Analogs, Gamefreaks Source: duelinganalogs.com

Deadpool Killustrated #2 Cover Art by Mike Del Mundo “Poor Tom Sawyer. He don’t deserve the Wade bashing.” Deadpool has had his fun with taking down all of the Marvel heroes and is now focusing his killing skills on characters from classic literature in the upcoming four-issue miniseries titled Deadpool Killustrated. This is the bad ass cover artContinue reading

Deadpool & Boba Fett Wreak Havoc in Disney World Toronto artist Marco D’Alfonso (aka “m7781”) created this awesome illustration showing Deadpool and his mercenary pal Boba Fett as they both team up in Disney World to physically show how happy they are to be a part of the Disney family. Marco made this piece for Comic Book Resources’ new “TheContinue reading

Zombie Iron Man by Adam Jay and Kyosti Kallio London photographer Adam Jay (aka “SuperHero Photography”) took an excellent series of photos showcasing model Kyosti Kallio, who was rocking an undead suit of armor belonging to Zombie Iron Man. Zombie Iron Man – Photographer: Adam Jay / Model: Kyosti Kallio via Stan Winston School of Character Arts

This is my Photoshop based off the previously posted Transformers themed political yard sign via redditor BergerKing80. It’s Megatron’s mini political stand-in for when he steps off of the campaign trail to quickly wreak universal havoc. The original image can be seen on a post that I wrote for Laughing Squid. Related Rampages: Light Landspeeder (More) All Hail Megatron Photoshop by Justin Page (Flickr)Continue reading

All Hail Megatron, Transformers Themed Political Yard Sign From an image shared on Imgur, redditor BergerKing80 posted about this Transformers themed political yard sign that reads “All Hail Megatron – Global Domination.” You can download a Facebook timeline header image created by redditor nerdwithme (as seen below) that is based off of the original All HailContinue reading

Darth Vader Tells Disney Characters “I Am Your Father” Ann Arbor, Michigan animator Gale Williams created an illustrated comic titled Nooooooooo (relating to the recent Disney purchase of Lucasfilm) that follows the Star Wars film villain Darth Vader as he tells various Disney owned characters “I am your father” and receives each of their reactions.Continue reading