Okemon, Comic Featuring a Wet & Dirty Pokémon Battle “Okemon” is a funny comic strip by Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman for Dorkly featuring a Pokémon battle that gets very “wet and dirty.” It looks like Ash needs to get Blastoise some proper toilet training! via Dorkly Source: dorkly.com

It’s always important to finish the game you are currently on (at work) before jumping into the next one. Although, it’s a tough toss up between Skyrim and ME3. Hilarious comic created by Julia Lepetit of Dorkly. Related Rampages: Professor Oak’s Master Plan (More) No Time For Mass Effect 3 by Julia Lepetit (Blog) Via:Continue reading

While you were all out “collecting them all” on your journey, Professor Oak was putting the moves on you Mumsy. Childhood ruined? U MAD? This hilarious Pokemon comic was created by Tumblr artist Caldwell Tanner. Professor Oak’s Master Plan by Caldwell Tanner (Tumblr) (Twitter) Via: Dorkly