The amazingly talented Dan LuVisi is back once again with an incredible series of new and old POPPED CULTURE illustrations that he is slamming into book form for our viewing pleasure. Dan’s sexy book of disturbing eye candy is said to take its owners on a “twisted and satirical journey through pop culture history and itsContinue reading

Realistic Illustrations of Pokémon X & Y Characters by Charlie Romeo Santiago, Chile artist Charlie Romeo brought his in-game characters from Pokémon to life in this series of realistic illustrations. I have a newly found respect and fear of Mega Charizard Y. Follow the artist: deviantART | Facebook via: Kotaku

New early Star Wars artwork at Celebration V by the legend himself, Ralph McQuarrie? Never before seen? Hell yeah! I’m really loving the The Empire Strikes Back logo. The Empire Strikes Back Early Logo Treatment by Ralph McQuarrie Via: kimmi-page | pacalin: Celebration V Gallery is to feature early Ralph McQuarrie Artwork: McQuarrie inadvertently had stumbledContinue reading