The amazingly talented Dan LuVisi is back once again with an incredible series of new and old POPPED CULTURE illustrations that he is slamming into book form for our viewing pleasure. Dan’s sexy book of disturbing eye candy is said to take its owners on a “twisted and satirical journey through pop culture history and its colorful roster of faces.” 

LuVisi is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help finish the art for the book, get it assembled, get printed, and maybe even add some awesome extras.

POPPED CULTURE features 64 pages of Dan LuVisi’s bizarrely skewed takes on popular culture in one eye-popping book. Some of the images contain short stories, explaining the disturbing and/or sometimes thoughtful backstories behind the characters. The book also includes some amazing work from several guest artists: Chase Conley, Jason Edmiston, Dave Wilkins, Richie Pope, Alex Konstad, Allison Smith, Sterling Hundley, and more!

Follow the artist: Website | DeviantArt | BlogFacebook

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