Oh hell yeah! This is an excellent video for the upcoming Halo: Reach Beta. See how a Marine transforms into a bad ass Spartan soldier. It looks like instant steroids! “Get to da Warthog! AUEAUEAUE!” – Spartan Schwarzenegger Check out http://www.welcometonobleteam.com/ for more information. Augmentation begins today (April 28,2010) folks! 5 Days till Beta madness!Continue reading

This is how I like to start my mornings off! Grab my two ton sword and crack me some ugly beast skulls! Darksiders for the Xbox 360 is a hell of a ride, to say the least. Joe Madureira (Genius Comic Writer/Artist) did an amazing job of bringing the game to life artistically. This kickContinue reading

I have, as of recently, become a big fan of the BioShock video games. Once I saw this sweet belt buckle, I knew that I MUST have it! The detail that Matthew put into this amazing piece of pants epicness is ridiculous. The inscription on the back reads “Equip Hold Up Pants Plasmid” (Genius). YouContinue reading