A Borderlands 2 Claptrap Costume T-Shirt, Minus The Smart Remarks The Claptrap Costume Tee brings the hilarious CL4P-TP General Purpose Robot (Claptrap) from the Borderlands video games and puts him all up on a gold 100% cotton t-shirt. Now available to purchase at ThinkGeek. Related Rampages: Batman Ice Cube Tray (More) Claptrap Costume Tee at ThinkGeek (Facebook) (Twitter) via ThinkGeek Source: thinkgeek.com

Graphic designer Milos Cakovan has created a brilliant / minimalist series of Borderlands 2 poster designs that show each of the main characters. I’m finding it hard to put this game down. It’s as badass as these illustrations. Update: 16" x 23" prints are now available to purchase on Etsy! Borderlands 2 Minimalist Posters by Milos Cakovan (Behance) (Twitter)

I’m ready for BioShock: Infinite to be released. This looks gorgeous. The whole “In the sky” atmosphere sounds like it could be an awesome change. Hey 2012… “GET OVER HERE”! gamefreaksnz: The next game in 2K’s popular BioShock first-person shooter franchise is emerging from the depths of the ocean and heading toward the skies. StudioContinue reading

Big Daddy Warhammer is a creation like none other. Forget the drill, this guy will crush you with his hammer… of WAR! Even Little Sister got an upgrade with her duds. This is one excellent Bioshock/Warhammer 40K mash-up to say the least. Mr. B and a Little Sister by DeadXCross Via: ianbrooks | gamefreaksnz |Continue reading

I have, as of recently, become a big fan of the BioShock video games. Once I saw this sweet belt buckle, I knew that I MUST have it! The detail that Matthew put into this amazing piece of pants epicness is ridiculous. The inscription on the back reads “Equip Hold Up Pants Plasmid” (Genius). YouContinue reading