Deadpool | Red Band Trailer Oh yeah! 20th Century Fox released the new trailer for the upcoming Deadpool film adaptation. The sweet and adorable “Merc with a Mouth” brings the action, jokes, and love. I’m glad that I wore MY brown pants before watching.  The man behind the red mask, Ryan Reynolds, even found time to giveContinue reading

I’m ready for BioShock: Infinite to be released. This looks gorgeous. The whole “In the sky” atmosphere sounds like it could be an awesome change. Hey 2012… “GET OVER HERE”! gamefreaksnz: The next game in 2K’s popular BioShock first-person shooter franchise is emerging from the depths of the ocean and heading toward the skies. StudioContinue reading

Excellent Star Wars trailer with some intense Inception music fueling the fire. I also need to break out the original trilogy. Nothing else quite like it! “WHOA!!  I’m goin home and watchin the Wars tonight…good thing I bought the store outta old easter candy last night!” – geekleetist Star Wars trailer, Inception style by FilmdogsOnlineContinue reading