Oh hell yeah! This is an excellent video for the upcoming Halo: Reach Beta. See how a Marine transforms into a bad ass Spartan soldier. It looks like instant steroids! “Get to da Warthog! AUEAUEAUE!” – Spartan Schwarzenegger Check out http://www.welcometonobleteam.com/ for more information. Augmentation begins today (April 28,2010) folks! 5 Days till Beta madness!Continue reading

http://www.viddler.com/simple_on_site/d580c17d Today Bungie gave us a little Halo: Reach’s ‘Battle Chess’ April Fools joke that I, personally, was a bit bummed out about… a little… After watching through this video, I actually felt a bit excited about the Battle Chess. Hell, it looks like a good mini-game to me! “It coulda been a contender!” YouContinue reading