templesmith:Le Batman “I always like getting messy and dirty using watercolour and acrylic on thin, photocopy paper. It just creates a roughness and randomness I dig. Like my old 30 Days of Night art really. Shamelessly put it on eBay.” Related Rampages: Wolvie+Psylocke | Sentinel | Boba Fett | Wolverine Le Batman by Ben TemplesmithContinue reading

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man gets roasted! Drew Falchetta recreated one of my favorite scenes from the Ghostbusters film. This watercolor piece, along with his Goonies and Gremlins artwork, was submitted for Gallery 1988’s 3G show. “What did you DO, Ray!?” – Dr. Peter Venkman 1, 2, 3, Roast’em! by Drew Falchetta

Mike Kevan has three watercolor paintings up for private sale! $30 will get you one of these three awesome pieces: Deadpool | Joker | Wolverine “Deadpool, full A4 piece for private sale at $30. Watercolour inks on Bristol board.” – Mike Kevan Related Rampages: Many faces of Deadpool | Batman vs Vader | Mega ManContinue reading

These 80s Zombie Madball illustrations by Christopher Tupa are taking me way back! Genius! Buy one of the four 10” x 8” ink & watercolor pieces for $45 each. Featured Madballs: Monchichi | Jane Jetson | Teddy Ruxpin | Smurf Related Rampages: WALL-E| G.I. Joe 80s Zombie Madballs! by Christopher Tupa / ctupa (Flickr) (Facebook)