Steve Thomas put together an excellent set of “How to” instructional posters based on 1980’s films. Buy them up as posters or shirts from his store! Related Rampages: Vintage Star Wars Posters | Arcade Game Propaganda How to 80’s Film Posters by Steve Thomas (Blog) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: Guns and/or Roses Source:

These 80s Zombie Madball illustrations by Christopher Tupa are taking me way back! Genius! Buy one of the four 10” x 8” ink & watercolor pieces for $45 each. Featured Madballs: Monchichi | Jane Jetson | Teddy Ruxpin | Smurf Related Rampages: WALL-E| G.I. Joe 80s Zombie Madballs! by Christopher Tupa / ctupa (Flickr) (Facebook)