templesmith: The TempleSith Star Wars Project “The first in a series of quick character sketches of every single half decent Star Wars character that appears in the original trilogy… in the order they basically appear in the films. Yes, I’m nuts, but always wanted to collect all the figures when I was a kid, andContinue reading

templesmith:Le Batman “I always like getting messy and dirty using watercolour and acrylic on thin, photocopy paper. It just creates a roughness and randomness I dig. Like my old 30 Days of Night art really. Shamelessly put it on eBay.” Related Rampages: Wolvie+Psylocke | Sentinel | Boba Fett | Wolverine Le Batman by Ben TemplesmithContinue reading

templesmith: Quick Wolvie+Psylocke “Banged out a quick one, since I think I’m becoming addicted to drawing Psylocke & Wolverine as a form of stress relief between the other stuff! Since the other one went down so well, this one has become my semi-regular eBay auction too.” Related Rampages: Still Life, with Sentinel 2 | BobaContinue reading

Excellent pencil, ink and watercolor on 10×14 bristol board Psylocke & Sentinel painting by artist Ben Templesmith! It is up for sale right now on eBay. Follow Ben here on Tumblr to keep up on his recent work. Related Rampages: The 13th Doctor | Boba Fett | Wolverine Still Life, with Sentinel 2 by BenContinue reading

Ben Templesmith designed the 13th incarnation of the good Doctor Who for Warren’s Whitechapel Remake/Remodel: The Thirteenth Doctor. We should all have a personal “know-it-all cyborg Pomeranian”. Related Rampages: Boba Fett | Wolverine The 13th Doctor by Ben Templesmith (Flickr) (Tumblr) (Twitter) Via: albotas | templesmith