Arrowhead: Signal, A Low Budget Independent Sci-Fi Film Short Arrowhead: Signal is a low budget 10 minute sci-fi film short inspired by the upcoming Australian independent feature film, Arrowhead, which is about an escaped convict / mercenary named Kye who is alone and stranded on a desert planet, waiting to be rescued. Signal really hasContinue reading

Make-A-Wish Brings Six-Year-Old Zachary Face To Face With Hellboy Six-year-old Zachary, who is undergoing treatment for leukemia, had the chance to fulfill his wish of coming face to face with his hero Hellboy (and even become Hellboy) in real life. This was possible due to the fine folks at Make-A-Wish Foundation, Spectral Motion and theContinue reading

ronworkman: has officially launched! “Some of you have may noticed a few reblogs from HeroChan last week. While it was techincally active, we were still trying to fix a few bugs and also build up a little bit content history. This was an idea we had many months ago and have been really anxiousContinue reading

Matt Marchini designed a game concept called “The Alderaan Trail”. It takes the classic Oregon Trail and merges it with the greatness of Star Wars. Sheesh, this made me tear up a bit… “Here Lies: CRAP ASS” Related Rampage: The Oregon Trail The Alderaan Trail by Matt Marchini (Games For Breakfast) (GameTap) Via: The DailyContinue reading