Oscar the Grouch does love trash, but not getting crushed to death by it. Aled Lewis brought the worlds of Sesame Street and Star Wars together in his new shirt design. Vote it up over at Threadless to see it go to print. Pop Culture Mash-up Parody by Aled Lewis (Tumblr) (Flickr) (Twitter) Via: aledlewis Source: Threadless

Phillip Haragos illustrates how a group of our comic book heroes came to be what they are today! Thanks to your awesome votes, this super design is now on sale for $20 $9.99 at Threadless! Don’t miss out on the $9.99 sale at Threadless going on until tomorrow! Related Rampages: How To Become Super II(More) Origin by Philip Haragos (Threadless)Continue reading

That damn Duck Hunt dog is going to get what’s coming to him in Alex Solis & Nathan W. Pyle’s funny collaborative design. Thanks to your votes, this shirt is now on sale over at Threadless! 8-BIT Vendetta by Alex Solis (Twitter) & Nathan W. Pyle (Twitter) Via: gamefreaksnz Source: Threadless

It’s not easy being a nerdy Koopa in Mushroom Kingdom. David Soames & Phil Jones’ funny new shirt design is now up for vote at Threadless!  Also, the 50% off tee sale with promo code “FUZZY2011” is still active. Practical Joke by David Soames (Twitter) & Phil Jones (Twitter) Via: davidfromdallas Source: Threadless

Threadless is having a massive sale going on right now! Throw down the promo code “FUZZY2011” when checking out and get 50% off of your tees. To see the artists for each piece, click the images above. It’s time to load up! 50% Off Shirt Sale at Threadless (Facebook) (Twitter) Source: Threadless