Artist Daniel Danger’s amazing Star Trek poster will be for sale at Mondo Friday 8/26! The hand numbered edition of 320 24” x 36” screen prints will go for $45. Follow @MondoNews on twitter for the “on sale” announcement. You can check out past Mondo prints here. Star Trek Poster by Daniel Danger (Store) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Artist Robin Kaplan took a collection of popular geek figures and gave them all a unique art style redesign. This is only a small taste… All this artwork, plus more, is available in print form at her Etsy Store. Adorable Geek Art by Robin Kaplan (Blog) (deviantART) (Etsy) Via: The Mary Sue

HeroChan Duel: Who is your winner? Robot Chicken: Road-killed chicken who is transformed into a cyborg by a mad scientist and is forced to watch a seemingly endless barage of American television. Locutus: Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Starfleet officer who is transformed into an emotionless Borg and is forced to wage war on his friends andContinue reading