The Alien film gets a new sort of chestburster thanks to artist Darin Shock and his excellent Mooninite / Aqua Teen Hunger Force redesign. Created for the recent “Adult Swim” show that went down last week at Gallery 1988. Xenomorphis Mooninitus by Darin Shock (Blog) (Store) (Facebook) Via: The Autumn Society

The rocking Venture Brothers band, known as Shallow Gravy, kicks some tasty tunes in this geektastic fan art print by Kevin Tong. Created for the recent “Adult Swim” show at Gallery 1988! He now has a limited edition of 300 18" x 24" signed / numbered prints available for $30 each at his personal store.Continue reading

HeroChan Duel: Who is your winner? Robot Chicken: Road-killed chicken who is transformed into a cyborg by a mad scientist and is forced to watch a seemingly endless barage of American television. Locutus: Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Starfleet officer who is transformed into an emotionless Borg and is forced to wage war on his friends andContinue reading