Doctor House has got nothing on the Futurama lobster-like alien Doctor Zoidberg. Paul Harckham’s shirt design is on sale today only (10/20) at RIPT! Doctor In The House by robotrobotROBOT (Tumblr) (Twitter) Via: robotrobotrobot | gamefreaksnz Source:

Forget the emergency exit signs! When the Zombies rise against us we will need clear and consise “Zombie Exit” signage. Tumblr artist Lee Byway’s brainy shirt design is on sale today only (10/14) at RIPT for $10. Zombie Exit by Lee Byway (RedBubble) (Flickr) Submitted by: byway Source:

Dying of dysentery is a thing of the Oregon Trail past. Forge the outer rims of space only to fight Space Invader swarms in the Costello Bros’ humorous mash up design. Shirts on sale at RIPT today only (10/13) for $10. Trail Invaders by Costello Bros. / Skorp (RedBubble) Source:

Jabba the Hutt’s massive size makes perfect sense now thanks to artist Thomas G. Sullivan. His new Pizza Hut / Star Wars parody shirt design is on sale at RIPT today only (10/10) for $10. Related Rampage: Alien VS Predator Pizza the Hut by Thomas G. Sullivan (RedBubble) (Society6) Via: dbsw Source:

Ian Wilding’s Donkey Kong inspired tie shirt design is gaming and formal all in one! You can suit up DK style Friday (10/7) at RIPT for only $10. Prints, skins and cases are also available at his Society6 store. DK Tie Shirt by Ian Wilding (Flickr) (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: iwilding Source:

The hack and slash boys took over the Mad Men set in Nik Holmes new mash up design. Shirts and hoodies are on sale today only (10/5) at RIPT. Related Rampages: Willy Wampa | Halo Dr Nick! (More) Madmen by Nik Holmes (Tumblr) (Flickr) (Twitter) Via: nikholmes | riptapparel Source:

Drink up! Timothy Lim’s Super Soldier Stout, with serum and natural flavors, is now a shirt design. On sale today (9/17) for $10 at RIPT. “Every Bottle You Buy is a Bullet in the Barrel of Your Best Guy’s Gun!” Related Rampages: Galactic Bounty Hunter | A Fisftful of Rupees (More) Captain Rogers by TimothyContinue reading