The infected Spartans should look like this in the Halo: Reach “Infection” multiplayer gametype. Killer illustration by Robert Mangaoang! doomsdaily: “My Zombie Master Chief drawing. This is the 5th drawing of my “draw a zombie a day” series. But since I missed yesterday I’ll just name it: “Draw Zombies in October” series. Made with CopicContinue reading

These four super punks would make for a killer team! Leadership, attitude, guts, and cunning stealth would be a hard combination to take down. These little guys by Jess Bradley are both bad ass and cute as hell. Little Predator will be back for this Predathursday… be ready… Master Chief | Iron Man | OptimusContinue reading

Yes! After all of this time, the Master Chief helmet comes off! I had a pretty good feeling, this whole time, that it was Luigi under there… This confirms it! Aaaaha! 😉 Get this awesome shirt within the next 24 hours at TeeFury! You can’t pass up $9 for this unique greatness. It’s a spiceyContinue reading