Start the Memorial Day weekend off right with a relaxing alcoholic beverage from @DrunkenMoogle. I’m ready to warp my mind down the pipe!


Warp Pipe (Super Mario Bros. Cocktail)

½ shot Bols Melon
½ Lime (cut into wedges)

Directions: Cut your half a lime into four wedges. Squeeze the lime juice into a highball glass and then drop them in the bottom. Add some ice overtop the limes, then pour in the Blue Curacao. Add the Mike’s Hard Limeade until the glass is almost full, then top with your Bols Melon. Stir a bit with a straw and enjoy. Tip: make sure you don’t add too much Bols Melon, or the melon flavor will overpower the lime. This is a great summer drink!

¾ shot Blue Curacao1/2 bottle Mike’s Hard Limeade

(Drink created and photographed by The Drunken Moogle)

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