Woodworker extraordinaire Jason Gardner (EpicWood) constructed this Portal Companion Cube Storage Box and is on sale for $500 on Etsy. “One of the center circles comes off, allowing you to put things inside. This is furniture grade and very strong. You can sit on it, if you wish. It is also pretty heavy (about 20Continue reading

DC and Marvel Comic figures took part in helping John Mallamas piece together this rocking new custom Marvel Legends Mega Man design. You can throw down your bid on eBay now to try and grab it up. Learn more here. Related Rampage: Rocking out the Blues in Halo Custom Marvel Legends Megaman by John MallamasContinue reading

The Dark Lord of the Sith gets redesigned literally from scratch. Two spoons start off the amazing creation process by artist Alain Bellino. It all ends with Darth Vader looking absolutely amazing. Check out Rodolphe’s step-by-step process video here. Darth Vader by Alain Bellino (Behance) (Twitter) Via: Technabob

Wheatley has come to life thanks to the custom work done by Chris Hooton of Sabretooth’s Workshop. This cool little Portal 2 light up toy will be going up for auction tomorrow on Chris’ eBay page. Related Rampages: IRON MAN 2 MK V Custom (More) Portal 2 Wheatley Light Up Toy by Sabretooth’s Workshop (Facebook)