Three cartoon giants team up to bust some heads in Marco D’Alfonso’s new fan art illustration. You can also help Marco become a new “Line it is Drawn” artist over at Comic Book Resources by voting him up here. Related Rampages: Deadpool: Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ (More) Homer x Fry x Brock by Marco D’Alfonso (deviantART)Continue reading

Drop some technologic beats straight out of the Land of Ooo with Finn, Jake and Beemo thanks to Tumblr artist Robert Mangaoang. 200 limited edition 11" x 17" prints are now on sale at his Etsy store. Adventure Time x Daft Punk 2 by Robert Mangaoang (Flickr) (Twitter) Via: doomsdaily

Firefly’s big damn hero Jayne gets a G.I. Joe redesign in Winter Artwork’s new mash up illustration. Shirts and hoodies are now on sale at RedBubble! “Misbehaving is half the battle!” A Big Damn Hero by Winter Artwork (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: winterartwork

As if Finn and Jake weren’t already a couple of bad ass warriors, Anthony Petrie took them to the next level with a He-Man / Battle Cat upgrade! Related Rampages: Zombie Boba Fett (More) He-Finn & Battle Dog by Anthony Petrie (Tumblr) (Store) (Twitter) via: zombiebacons | gamefreaksnz

Some crazy / mutated pop culture ICANS oozed out of the recent Alex Pardee & Dave Correia “&” Art Show at Blonde Grizzly in Salt Lake City. All of the illustrations above are now on sale as prints at Blonde Grizzly. Original Artwork by Alex Pardee (Tumblr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Skyrim’s “Fus Ro Dah!” has been given a Simpsons update by Tumblr artist Michael Myers. Shirts and stickers are now on sale at RedBubble. Related Rampages: Dark Knight Gets a Sidekick (More) Fus Ro D’OH! by Michael Myers (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: drawsgood Source: