Funko Announces ‘Firefly’ Legacy, Pop!, and Re-Action Figures Funko president Brian Mariotti has recently announced that they will be releasing multiple lines of geekerific action figures based on characters from the Firefly TV series. A fully-articulated series of 6″ Legacy figures are due out in late 2014, while both a Pop! and Re-Action series arrive in spring 2014. To add a little more Joss Whedon greatnessContinue reading

Artist Drew Wise has created a new shirt design inspired by the sci-fi TV show Firefly titled Glow Fly that is printed with glow-in-the-dark ink! You will be supporting the show, Drew and actually looking like a real life firefly yourself. This shirt is available to purchase from Nowhere Bad from $12 until Sunday (9/30/2012). Related Rampages: Pizza Party (More) Glow Fly by Drew Wise (RedBubble)Continue reading

Ian Leino is bringing the greatness of Firefly together with drinking in his new rad shirt being printed at RIPT tomorrow only (3/30) for $10. Shiny! To celebrate his print, Ian is re-releasing screen-printed 1.5oz ceramic Serenity Sake Glasses at $12.50/pair (Ships anywhere on Earth… sorry settlers of Whitefall). Contest Time!: There will be aContinue reading

Firefly’s big damn hero Jayne gets a G.I. Joe redesign in Winter Artwork’s new mash up illustration. Shirts and hoodies are now on sale at RedBubble! “Misbehaving is half the battle!” A Big Damn Hero by Winter Artwork (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: winterartwork

It’s brain vs superpowers in artist Karen Hallion’s geeky new Buffy the Vampire Slater / Firefly mash up. Who do you choose as the last woman standing? Shirts are on sale now at RedBubble. Prints, cases and skins at Society6! Buffy vs River by Karen Hallion (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: karenhallion

The sweet ship from Firefly, known only as Serenity, gets served up in this custom gingerbread house created by Norway’s very own Kristoffer Gressli and his brother. Check out more photos on his Facebook page. “Burn the land and boil the sea, you can’t take the gingerbread from me.” Serenity Gingerbread House Project by KristofferContinue reading

The heroes of Firefly and Star Wars team up to bring a better tomorrow to the galaxy (in their own crazy ways). Ian Leino’s excellent political smuggler shirt is on sale for RedBubble. Hoodies and more are also available at his personal online store. Remember, vote smuggler! Contest Time!: Ian is giving away pin packsContinue reading

Artist Dan Dos Santos created an amazing Serenity cover design showing off the fearless Captain Malcolm Reynolds for Dark Horse’s upcoming “Free Comic Book Day” on May 5th, 2012. (Nathan Fillion’s Tweet) Make sure that you check out Dan’s entire illustration process here. Malcolm Reynolds by Dan Dos Santos (Blog) (Facebook) Via: io9