It just doesn’t get much better than having your own zombitized Storm Trooper based off of the Star Wars: Death Troopers graphic novel. The amazing sculpture stands 6 and a half inches tall and is full of intricate detail. BAD ASS! Death Troopers Zombie-Bust at Entertainment Earth $74.99 Via: gamefreaksnz | Nerdcore Source:

Nothing says Classy Geek like these Altered Antique Star Wars Plates. It gives you something to look forward to while you shovel the food down your throat. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm! Buy them up at BeatUpCreations’ Shop! Larger Views: [Darth Vader] [C3P0] [Chewbacca] [Storm Trooper] “You can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your midi-chlorians!”Continue reading

The force is strong with these four Acrylic Star Wars paintings. The┬áSamurai Trooper and Lord Samurai Vader were done as a commission. Check out Lawrence’s full portfolio for more fan art like this. It is pretty amazing… Larger images: [Samurai Trooper] [Lord Samurai Vader] [Boba Fett] [Vader Unmasked] Acrylic Star Wars by Lawrence Reynolds/Vivid FuryContinue reading

I highly recommend trying out one of these four amazing Star Wars wallpapers by Capitan Moreno. Consider it a gift from the Captain to me, from me to my followers. May the force be with you all! Keep kicking ass! Boba Fett WP Pack: [DOWNLOAD] Jango Fett WP Pack: [DOWNLOAD] Storm Trooper WP Pack: [DOWNLOAD]Continue reading