The sweet ship from Firefly, known only as Serenity, gets served up in this custom gingerbread house created by Norway’s very own Kristoffer Gressli and his brother. Check out more photos on his Facebook page. “Burn the land and boil the sea, you can’t take the gingerbread from me.” Serenity Gingerbread House Project by KristofferContinue reading

Justin Van Genderen took three famous television programs / films (Harry Potter, Star Trek & The Simpsons) and re-designed their unique alcoholic beverage of choice.  Each stylized poster above is now on sale at Justin’s Imagekind store. Fictional Beverage Posters by Justin Van Genderen(Flickr) (Twitter) Source:

Travis Pitts put a realistic sci-fi spin on Pac-Man in this rad shirt design. Good thing that he has his 6 Pac of anti-anxienty power pellets!  This reprinted shirt / hoodie is now back on sale at Threadless! Related Rampages: Misery Machine (More) The Madness of Mission 6 by Travis Pitts (Flickr) (Etsy) (Twitter) Source: Threadless

Take the role of a Redshirt thanks to Ian Leino. Don’t worry though… His shirts come with a warning label! On sale Thursday (10/6) for $10 at TeeFury! The double-sided shirts are also on sale at Ian Leino’s personal shop for $20. Contest Time!: Just reblog this post to be entered to win a FREEContinue reading

The classic cover for William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer has been given a much needed nerd cyberpunk upgrade by Aaron Fimister. Vote this shirt design up at Qwertee to see it go to print. “Nerdromancer, for the Cyberpunk geek in all of us.” Nerdromancer by Aaron Fimister (S6) (RedBubble) (Facebook) (Twitter) Via: synaptyx | the-rbc